Joint Program

Bellin Orthopedic Surgery Center is now offering outpatient total joint replacement through the use of state of the art surgical facilities, experienced orthopedic surgeons, and comprehensive anesthesia and postoperative pain management techniques. We are currently performing outpatient total hips, knees, and shoulders as well as partial knee replacements.

Our outpatient joint replacement program is focused on safely advancing patients on an accelerated course of recovery. Improvements in joint replacement technique, rehabilitation, and pain control have enabled shorter hospital stays following surgery and we have learned that mobilization of patients early after surgery contributes to higher patient satisfaction.

Candidates for the outpatient joint replacement program include motivated patients in good health. Patients being considered for outpatient joint replacement need a “coach” or someone to accompany them to the pre-operative learning sessions and participate in patient care upon discharge. The patient and the surgeon must also share the same goals and expectations.

Your experience with the outpatient joint program will begin with a consultation with one of the OSMS orthopedic surgeons. Once you have met the appropriate medical and surgical criteria, you will meet with the Outpatient Total Joint Coordinator who prepares you for your surgery and necessary requirements both pre- and post-operative.

On the day of surgery, you will be seen by a physical therapist postoperatively and then moved to a room in our newly constructed onsite extended stay area. An experienced orthopedic nurse will monitor your care during your stay. The next day, you will be able to return home after one more visit from your surgeon and physical therapist.

Through this outpatient process patients derive multiple benefits including:

  1. Accelerated rehab
  2. Comprehensive pain control
  3. More comfortable accommodations compared to the hospital setting
  4. 40% lower cost compared to an inpatient joint replacement
  5. High level of patient satisfaction

Our goal is to provide our patients with a better option for joint replacement. We accomplish this with a high quality and low cost surgical experience utilizing our award winning surgical facilities and experienced orthopedic surgeons. This process is an excellent option for motivated patients with arthritis who want to get back to an active lifestyle.

For more information or to see if you are a candidate, talk with your physician or call our Total Joint Coordinator, Rachel at 920-569-4310.